The definition should be clear and specific. To help you in creating your own here is an example of a bad to good definition.

Version 1: Private medical practitioners in the UK

This is too broad. Do these people own their own practices? What type of medical services do they provide? Here's a more specific example.

Version 2: Dental practitioners in the UK

Okay, so this gets us closer but again it's too vague. Identifying specific applicable features of this group would be hit and miss. Version 3 below is about right.

Version 3: Dental practice owners without a marketing department who employ 3 to 7 dentists.

This is a specific segment of dental practitioners who are likely to share many common experiences and challenges. This will help you create effective marketing messages.

To help create good definition statements use the following formula:

{group of people} who {qualifier}


  1. Write down your defining sentence and avatar name
  2. Find a stereo typical image of person in your group

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