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Most businesses struggle to make their website and social media work together to deliver real results. We created a simple process that helps you find, attract and convert your ideal clients, so your company can grow again. And keep growing.

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Schedule Your £1 Strategy Session

Generic advice is okay at best, but will probably waste your time. You want to know what YOU should do for YOUR business. 

The £1 Deep Dive Consultation is a 20 min call where I get to know you, your company and the specific challenges you face. This way I can offer suggestions and ideas specific to you.

Book your £1 strategy session is the first step to getting real results for your business.


Get Your Custom Marketing Plan

There are so many things you can do to grow your business and we offer most of them. But we won't just take your money for the sake of it. We'll help you focus in on the things which will actually move the needle. 

You might need help drumming up the right people to visit your site, or converting the traffic you already have. Or maybe you need help automating parts of your business to save you time and money. Whatever the case, we have you covered.



For every successful marketing campaign, there's a whole bunch which flop. Unless you track and measure everything, you won't know what works, what's a waste of your time and what to try next.

We help you determine what to measure and how to measure it, because guessing will only waste your time and money. 


Who We Serve

We work with small to medium sized businesses across a wide variety of industries and growth stages - from dentistry to health & safety consulting to home remodelling. Whether you're just starting up or you've been in the game a while, we can help you.

Once we take you on as a client, we make a point to thoroughly research not only your business, but your industry as a whole. This is the only way we can confidently draw up a game plan for your success. 


We're Not All Talk

Without dreamfree my company wouldn't be where it is today. Daniel's broad knowledge of business setup, web design and marketing helped focus my business on what's important. He's been a pleasure to work with and I'd highly recommend dreamfree for anyone wishing to give their business the extra boost it needs to be noticed!

Brent McDougal

Renovation Planner


It's been a pleasure working with dreamfree. Daniel has provided useful ideas and has worked well with our existing suppliers. The new website is a marked improvement on our previous site. It's also been great to get our case studies written. It's like having our own web development and marketing teams in one!

Pierre Carion

Team Safety services


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Lisa Bellucci

CFO of the company


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