Renovation Planner

How Renovation Planner Conquered Google search

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Renovation Planner is a home renovation and construction company with big plans for the future!

Part 1 

The problem

We couldn't even rank for our own business name...

Picking a business name is hard. As a brand new business with ambitions to help homeowners throughout the UK with renovations, the name Renovation Planner is a good, but with one big problem. It is also a competitive keyword in google. So for the first couple of years of operation Renovation Planner didn't even rank for its own name in google.  

Part 2 


Content is king...

We embarked on a process to create high quality content on their blog to both educate visitors but also to get noticed by other site and of course google. 

Renovation Planner commissioned dreamfree to write a series of blog posts designed to compete in google.

We also built a renovation cost estimator so visitors would stay and interact with the site.  

Part 3 

The Results

SEO is a slow process but...

SEO is a slow process. But over time we began see that google sent more and more people to the site. This has had the impact of ensuring google now features renovation planner on page 1 for a growing list of keywords, including it's own name if searching close to it's base in the UK. 

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