The Meat Hook

How the Meat Hook increased loyalty members

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The Meat Hook is a local butchers looking to increase its loyalty members and get online orders through it's website.

Part 1 

The problem

We tried to make our website but it just doesn't work...

While the team at the Meat Hook are master butchers, there initial attempt at a website wasn't up to scratch. Based on a complex e-commerce platform which didn't suit what they were trying to do, the team abandoned the build at an early stage to focus on establishing the shop front. 

As time (and success) progressed it became obvious that the loyalty scheme was highly successful. But how could they increase the numbers joining?

Part 2 


We got to know the customers better ...

We embarked on a process to get to know more about the customers of the Meat Hook discovering that they were mostly professionals who often owned their own businesses. 

This allowed us to craft the copy  to suit the audience and maximise the chances of getting people to join the loyalty scheme.

Part 3 

The Results

Day 1 saw an influx of new members...

The launch of the new site caused a local stir which got people's curiosity up. Many the new visitors were unaware of the loyalty scheme and were soon signed up.

While the traffic has settled into a more natural volume the conversions have continued.

I even got a hug from the owner who was so pleased with the positive feedback she had received off the back of the new site.

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