How To Build Business Building Websites



This is phase is like laying the foundations of a house. We dive into understanding the transformation your products or services make to your clients. The key here is to focus on your prospective clients and understand them, their needs and wants. This information will guide the rest of the process.


Information Architecture

Getting the structure of your site right from day one can have a massive impact on how much organic search traffic you get. In this phase we dive into the top level structure which will likely become your main navigation. We also break down the category structure of the blog to ensure it is not too broad and not too focused and is likely to attract the right types of people.  


Copy Structure

You have less than 5 seconds to convince a prospect they are in the right pace when they visit your home page. This phase is all about getting the core message right. Building trust and explaining how you can help the visitor.


Conversion Elements

This is the #1 thing that gets missed out on business websites. A business website exists for a reason. To serve the business. But in most cases it's just a brochure. People come and mostly go. It's hard to get the right people to your site. Once there you need to give them a reason to get in contact. Creating an effective lead magnet is brilliant way if generating leads and growing your audience.



This is where we create the home page and standard content pages. Effectively bringing your website to life. You will have plenty of opportunity to poke around as the design is being created. This is a collaborative process. But the key thing to remember is "a site is never finished". Once it is launched its just the start. 


Launch & Training

The go-live is an exciting day. We will ensure all the previous pages are properly redirected onto the new site and that you have access to all the stats so you know how many people are visiting and interacting. 

You will also receive all the training you need to manage the site going forward and we always on call for any questions you may have.



Now the attention turns to driving traffic and A/B testing pages to optimise how well your site works.

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