How to attract your ideal clients

You have a website...so what?

If nobody is visiting it, then it isn’t helping your business. 

With billions of websites on the web, how do you get people to visit yours? More to the point, how do you get potential customers to visit your site?

You are not alone. Every business has had this problem.

The good news is that there is a way (well many ways actually).

Know​​​​ Your Customer

(Market Research)

What you will learn...

There is one master principle that impacts everything in marketing. It is how well you know your customer. 

In this section of the site you will learn ways to discover what they really want and how to get them to come to you to find it. This is way more the SEO and finding keywords.

This is the beating heart of attraction marketing.


  • How and why you need an effective customer avatar
  • How to read the minds of your customers
  • The no. 1 question to ask your customers
  • Discover how the 6 stages of awareness impacts your copy