Time to Take Your Marketing Strategy to the Next Level? 

Daniel Whittaker

Founder & CEO

What is the £1 No-BS Marketing Strategy Session?

It’s a 45-minute focused video chat with me that helps you get a deep insight into how to meet your specific marketing goals. Together, with your knowledge of your business and my understanding of marketing tactics, we'll determine the most effective strategy for you. 

How our No-BS Marketing 

Strategy Session Works

We come prepared, so every minute of your meeting is productive and every bit of our advice is specific to you. Our goal is to give you real advice (seriously!), a solid strategy and a clear understanding of the marketing process in general. This session is NOT a sales call. No-BS.


Before we meet, I'll take a close look at your online presence (website, socials, etc.) to learn as much as I can about your business. This will ensure that our session is hyper-focused and as useful as possible to you. No time wasted. 

Deep Dive

Your session will be a guided conversation. I'll ask you the right questions, in order to pin point what you really want. The answer won't be 'grow my business.' We'll get specific with your goals, so we know exactly what you need to achieve them. 


You'll need a pen for this. I'll give you my initial feedback about your online presence - highlighting major issues that need fixing. We'll map out a clear action plan, that tells you what step to take next, how to take it and why. You'll also get the big picture - how all the moving parts work together to boost your business in a lasting way. 

Daniel's broad knowledge of business setup, web design and marketing helped focus my business on what's important.

About Daniel

I’m a former Royal Marine Commando turned digital marketing specialist. I spent years as a software engineer (nerd), reaching the heady heights of team lead, when my boss unexpectedly set me an amazing challenge. Long story short, I met his challenge head-on and became the head of digital marketing. But, not before I’d made plenty of mistakes. 

Over time, I discovered how digital marketing really works. And it’s not about the latest flashy tool or social media platform. You could say it boils down to one secret: a desire to help people. I call it a 'secret' because it's simply not talked about. But all the engagement, visibility, money, growth - none of that stuff will last, unless you're helping people in some way.

Even after you know that secret, digital marketing can be mystifying. With so many courses, tools, tips and strategies out there, it's no wonder so many business owners feel overwhelmed. What’s relevant to my company? What actually works and what's just hype?  Will I make a fool of myself posting on this platform? And the big one - is any of this even worth my time??

Marketing is real. It's necessary. And it works. But you need clarity and understanding. That's what I'll help you with in your No-BS Strategy Session.

What You'll Get   

    Generic advice is useless. Our guidance considers your industry, brand, goals and capabilities - meaning it's useful.
  • Concrete goals
    A solid set of goals to work towards (that are actually achievable) will keep you focused on what matters. You'll know exactly what you need to track and measure, so you know how close you are. 
  • actionable insights
    With guidance backed by real data, you'll be able to confidently take action right away to fix the problems we spot. 
  • specific solutions
    We don't just point out your problems. We give you the solutions that are best suited to your needs and budget, so you can have the best chance at success. 
  • clear strategy
    A strategy without clarity is rubbish. Not only will you always know what your next step is and how to take it, but you'll know why you're taking it.
  • big picture understanding
    Know the purpose of each aspect of your plan and how they all work together. Being able to see the bird's eye view of your strategy will give you confidence in every little step you take. 

Without dreamfree, my company wouldn't be where it is today.

Daniel's broad knowledge of business setup, web design and marketing helped focus my business on what's important. He's been a pleasure to work with and I'd highly recommend dreamfree for anyone wishing to give their business the extra boost it needs to be noticed!

Brent Mcdougal

Renovation Planner


Why a Marketing Strategy is

So Important

The world of digital marketing has become hyper-competitive. It’s no longer good enough to just have a website and ‘do social media’. It’s also easier than ever to burn money on Facebook ads. Unless you know exactly what you are trying to do, why and how to measure it, then you’re going to get burnt.

Is Your Business Leaking Money?

The answer is very likely, yes. Don't believe it?

Take a look at these stats, pulled from MarketingSherpa research:

All Leads 
      are not ready        to be sold to

Of qualified leads

Qualified Leads 
      are not ready       to be sold to
   don't have a good      lead nurturing    system

The Bottom Line

If you don't have the sales/revenue/customers you'd like, then you likely have a hole in your system. You're losing potential customers. You're leaking money. 

People are coming up short with their leads, because they're trying to seal the deal way too soon. Think about it... when you give your email out, are you ready to click 'buy' right then and there? Probably not. Your audience is the same way. Even a qualified lead needs more. They need to know and trust you. That doesn't happen overnight.

Basically, you met through mutual friends and she gave you her number. That's a great start - you guys might be a perfect match! But, you can't propose to her just yet. Marketing is a long-term investment. 

Every visitor to your website or person interacting with your brand on social media could be a potential loyal customer, which is likely a huge source of your income. Between platforms, ads, content, SEO and your actual website, there are a thousand different possible holes in your sales funnel. Some of which, you might never notice. 

The cost of not having a clear and effective strategy adds up quickly. It's time to locate and plug the hole.

The Good News

Businesses that have a good lead nurturing system in place?

Extensive research from Forrester, CSO Insights and Marketo shows us they do pretty well:


More Qualified Leads


More Sales From Leads


Lower Cost

*Do not overlook this takeaway* → When you invest in a good marketing strategy, over time it will make more money for you, while costing you less time, money and energy.

That is the magic of marketing. That is why it's so important to your success.

Why £1?

Obviously, we aren't making real money off of this. The £1 price is symbolic. You can get a free consultation or strategy call from pretty much anyone for anything.

While everyone loves 'free' things, we think sometimes people don't respect 'free'. How many times a week do you see "free consultation!" on your screen? And how many times do your eyes glaze over it? Do you really think you'll be getting something of value? Or, do you think you'll get generic advice followed by a sales pitch?  On the flip side, the person offering a free consultation can subconsciously feel like they don't really owe you their full attention and effort. 

Our aim here is to not waste anyone's time. We want to actually help you. And we want you to come into this actually seeking help. Do we want your business? Of course! But the charade of the free consultation, we can do without. If you believe we can help you, book a strategy session with us for £1. No further obligation necessary. 

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee.

If you're not satisfied, we're not satisfied. That's why we'll happily give you 100% of your money back. That's guaranteed. 

Special Added Bonus

seo website report

£97 Value

Get a free SEO report for your website so you can see how you stack up against the competition. 

homepage assessment

£197 Value

Discover how your website may be leaking conversions and how to fix it.

This is Right For You if You're...

  • Serious about growing your business the right way
  • Tired of DIY marketing with random tactics
  • Wanting a structured plan to maximise your efforts
  • All done wasting time worrying about your competitors
  • Needing help clarifying your business goals 
  • Not interested in BS advice that anyone can get
  • Willing to invest now for long-term benefits
  • Aware that quick fixes & hacks are not real solutions

Most of all, this strategy session is perfect for you, if you...

  • Believe the power of digital marketing is worth your investment 

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You Have a Choice

a) Continue doing what you're doing and nothing changes.


b) Up your game and discover how you can transform your process of finding and closing amazing clients.

The decision is yours.

But Act Fast...

The £1 No-BS Marketing Strategy Session is a marketing experiment I’m trying out.

I may decide to bring it down any day now. So if you’re interested, get in quick!

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